Occupational Therapist (Kirriemuir), February 2016

I work with a Community Mental Health Team and as an Occupational Therapist advocate activity as a very important and effective therapeutic tool to improve mental and physical wellbeing. I have been attending for 10 weeks on a weekly basis with two clients under the amazing tutelage of Lauren, Anita and Dave at the SABRC.

SABRC has offered my clients the opportunity to develop their social interaction skills with peers and others in a safe environment and increase self worth and empowerment from tangible achievement and successes. Volunteering has provided an opportunity to develop work skills such as timekeeping, understanding and accepting tasks and being able to organise them. Understanding animal welfare and teaching volunteers how to look after the animals can teach individuals how to look after themselves and continually improve their own physical and mental wellbeing. The centre provides a stimulating environment for individuals to learn new information in a relaxed atmosphere tailored to meet individual needs

I cannot wait to organise another group and cannot praise the team at SABRC enough for their unflinching passion for animals and people. My two clients intend to continue volunteering, a definite success story.

Client Review, February 2016

I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and struggle to deal with new people and places, volunteering at SABRC has been a positive experience and has helped me work on dealing with these problems. Working with the animals and learning about their behaviour has been interesting and the staff have always been informative and friendly. Working with animals isn’t as overwhelming as working with a group of people, so it has been good way to build my confidence in a hands on way. I’ve enjoyed volunteering here and would recommend it to anyone, you’ll come away with a new understanding of animals and possibly yourself as well.