Our Scottish animal sanctuary is home to over 40 animals including horses, sheep, turkeys, rabbits and hens. Many of our animals were rescued from the food industry, or having been abandoned or badly treated by a previous owner.

Please contact us if you know of any animals in need of rescue. This could be because the animal has been abandoned, abused or neglected. In other cases, the animal’s owner may no longer be able to look after it. Alternatively, some animals may have outlived their usefulness to their owner and have become unwanted.

We acknowledge that some owners, through no fault of their own, will have to rehome their animals. In these situations, we want to find a solution that works in the best interests of the animal; we are not here to judge or to blame.

In most cases, the animals in our care are here for permanent sanctuary. We look to provide a settled environment where our animals feel safe, can perform their natural behaviours and live as happily as possible.

If we are unable to take an animal at SABRC, we will still aim to help through support, advice and using our network of contacts.